Since 2000, The Wallace Foundation has placed place quality education leadership at the core of school reform. The foundation supports a range of efforts aimed at significantly improving student learning, particularly in high-needs schools,  by strengthening the standards, training, and performance of education leaders, along with the conditions and incentives that affect their success. Recognizing the importance of school leadership in education, NASBE and The Wallace Foundation are partnering on the exploration of education leadership. NASBE work in this area will explore leadership through the lens of state policy. NASBE has developed several resources for state board members to understand the issues surrounding school leadership, which are listed below or can be found among our publications.  The Wallace Foundation’s Knowledge Center also provides a number of useful resources and research reports on school leadership. This is one of the first places to look for answers to some of the most challenging issues in school leadership.

Recent NASBE Publications on School Leadership and Teacher Preparation:

Shift in Emphasis in New Standards for Educational Leaders (January 2016)

This NASBE Policy Update compares the new Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL), with the ISLLC standards and outlines what states will need to consider as they implement changes instituted by the Every Student Succeeds Act.

Aligning Teacher Preparation with Student Learning Standards (October 2015)

This Policy Update highlights the mismatch between the skills taught in many teacher preparation programs and those needed to help students achieve rigorous learning standards.

Successful Leaders for Successful Schools: Building and Maintaining a Quality Workforce  (October 2015)

This report argues the development of school leaders hasn’t received enough attention at the state level and state boards of education are uniquely positioned to change this. The study group proposes a State Leadership Development Policy framework to help guide state boards as they create policies around leadership development

The State Education Standard: Preparing Teachers and Leaders (September 2015)

This edition of The State Education Standard explores the many ways policymakers can ensure that those who teach and lead our children in public schools are better prepared and better supported to do their jobs well.

Will New Teacher Equity Plans Get Closer to the Mark? (May 2015)

This NASBE Policy Update urges state, district, and local leaders to “get serious about upholding America’s core value of equal opportunity” by ensuring the all students have equal access to qualified and experienced teachers.