Since 2000, The Wallace Foundation has placed place quality education leadership at the core of school reform. The foundation supports a range of efforts aimed at significantly improving student learning, particularly in high-needs schools,  by strengthening the standards, training, and performance of education leaders, along with the conditions and incentives that affect their success. Recognizing the importance of school leadership in education, NASBE and The Wallace Foundation are partnering on the exploration of education leadership. NASBE work in this area will explore leadership through the lens of state policy. NASBE has developed several resources for state board members to understand the issues surrounding school leadership. Our latest resources, all funded through Wallace grants, include:

  • Policy Update: School Leader Evaluations: This policy update highlights key information about principal evaluation, and what state board members should consider when adopting policies around the issue.
  • In April 2014, NASBE awarded three state boards of education—Delaware, Maine, and West Virginia— stipends to advance school leadership work in their states. Delaware’s plan involves educating stakeholders about the latest in school leadership policy and devising a framework for evaluating and revising these policies. Maine is in  the midst of expanding its principal mentoring program, while West Virginia is exploring  the policy development, evaluation, and implementation issues associated with preparing 21st century school leaders.
  • Coming Soon: This fall, NASBE will produce a discussion guide on school leadership covering the latest in principal evaluation, along with questions aimed at guiding state board members on evaluation policies.Wallace

In addition, The Wallace Foundation’s Knowledge Center provides a number of useful resources and research reports on school leadership. This is one of the first places to look for answers to some of the most challenging issues in school leadership.