Other Resources


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Suspension, Expulsion, and Achievement of English Learner Students in Six Oregon Districts – Regional Educational Laboratory at Education Northwest; August 2015

Research to Practice Collaborative Policy Briefing Papers

Discipline Disparities: Myth vs. Facts

How Educators Can Eradicate Disparities in School Discipline: A Briefing Paper on School-Based Intervention – Anne Gregory, James Bell, and Mica Pollock; March 2014

Eliminating Excessive and Unfair Exclusionary Discipline in Schools: Policy Recommendations for Reducing Disparities – Daniel Losen, Damon Hewitt, and Ivory Toldson; March 2014

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Are Black Kids Worse? Myths and Facts About Racial Difference in Behavior – Russell J. Skiba and Natasha S. Williams; March 2014

Can “De-Biasing” Strategies Help to Reduce Racial Disparities in Schools: Summary of the Literature – Johanna Wald; March 2014


Overview of the Supportive School Discipline Initiative – U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Justice

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