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States Working Together on Professional Development for Implementing the Next Generation Science Standards

December 19, 2013

Participants in the NGSS Regional Symposia identified professional development as one of their top priorities as they think about or have adopted the NGSS.  This webinar was designed to meet that need by including presenters that are involved in professional development around the NGSS.

 The presenters included:

  • Peter McLaren. Science and Technology Specialist at the Rhode Island Department of Education
  • Brian Reise. Professor of Learning Sciences, Northwestern University
  • Francis Eberle. NGSS Director, NASBE (Moderator)


Cover of Reiser PD reportTwo handouts were provided as additional reference to this webinar. This document describes the type of professional development that is needed for the implementation of the NGSS: NASBE Reiser 2013. It is published by the K-12 Center at ETS and can also be found on their web site.



Also a handout that had a list of future support for the NGSS was distributed at the Achieve Annual Conference in December, 2013. It can be seen by clicking here. Achieve NGSS Handout


State to State: Deliberations about the Next Generation Science Standards

July 18, 2013

The Next Generation Science Standards are the latest set of common standards states can consider for adoption. With 26 states playing an active role in the writing of these standards, they and others will or may discuss whether to adopt them. Their discussions related to quality and purposes of these new science standards are important, but it is also it is critical for them to dig into the policy implications of these new science standards.

The presenters included:

  • Brigitte Blom-Ramsey. Kentucky State Board of Education
  • Felecia Smith. Associate Commissioner, Office of Next Generation Learners, Kentucky Department of Education
  • Artemio Paz, Jr.. Oregon State Board of Education
  • Cheryl  Kleckner. Education Specialist for CCSS and Science, Oregon Department of Education
  • Francis Eberle. NGSS Director, NASBE (Moderator)


Webinar: A Primer on Next Generation Science Standards and its Policy Considerations

March 28, 2013

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are expected to be released in coming weeks, but what do you know about them? This webinar will present an overview, including what they are, why they were developed, and how they were constructed. In addition, presenters will discuss policy implications as state boards consider adoption and implementation of the standards, and much more.

The presenters included:

  • Stephen Pruitt. Achieve, Vice President, Content Research and Development
  • Michael Gilligan. Achieve, Vice President for Strategic Initiatives
  • Elizabeth Ross. AACTE, Manager of State Chapters
  • Francis Eberle. NGSS Project Director, NASBE (Moderator)

Below is a recording of the NGSS Webinar, in-case you missed it:

[video_skin style=”1″ title=”NGSS Primer” tag=”h2″ player=”youtube” video_id=”ZDCQyj6dke4″ controls=”yes” width=”420″ height=”315″]