State Boards of Education are an essential component in the efforts to redesign the nation’s high schools and are the entity with the strongest probability of delivering sustained change and improvement. State Boards are uniquely positioned to improve high schools that prepare students for the 21st century and postsecondary pathways because they have broad oversight over a number of education reform efforts.

Thus, NASBE’s High School Redesign Initiative, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, was created to keep State Boards of Education informed of current research, policy, and practice in the area of high school redesign and to assist states in creating a systemic and cohesive model with corresponding policies to support all students, but in particular those students attending low and under-performing high schools, to prepare for the 21st century and succeed in college and work.

Because there are no “magic bullets” in turning around low and under-performing high schools, NASBE is working with states to develop a systemic and cohesive High School Redesign model.