Computer Science Standards

New Publication: Preparing Computer Science Teachers in Maryland and Arkansas

Preparing Computer Science Teachers in Maryland and Arkansas Cover Image. Click Image to Download report. Successful implementation of computer science standards may hinge on one thing: teacher capacity. Without enough qualified teachers and the resources to support them, states will be hard pressed to make computer science a part of every student’s education—something that industry leaders say is critical to career readiness. This NASBE State Innovations highlights Maryland and Arkansas, two states that stand out as leaders among the 26 states that are creating pathways specifically for preparing computer science teachers.






States Move Towards Computer Science Standards

Computer Science Policy Update Cover ImageWhile educators and parents recognize computer science as a key skill for career readiness, only five states have adopted learning standards in this area. Tides are changing, however, as the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) recognizes with its call on states to provide a “well-rounded education” for students, to include computer science standards. This NASBE Policy Update outlines what states need to consider as they develop computer science standards and improve instruction, highlighting several promising state efforts already under way. Download the update here.