NASBE’s project on Education Technology focuses on supporting state boards of education seeking to pass policies that will support learning through the implementation and use of new technology.

NASBE has been a strong believer in the possibility of education technology to improve student learning for almost two decades. NASBE passed a public education position on e-learning in 2001, advocating that state policymakers empower families by integrating digital technology in the classroom and insure equity to help avoid the “digital divide” that is discussed even today. NASBE has continued our leadership in this area with other public education positions over the past 10 years, weighing in on instructional materials in the digital age; digital citizenship and literacy; state longitudinal data systems; educators and next generation learning; and state technology planning.

NASBE’s various projects all integrate aspects of technology in their work; for example, talking about college and career ready students, it is impossible to not also discuss the technological skills that are essential to the success of today’s students. Many of our other existing projects, including our deeper learning work (which frequently touches on personalized learning that can be enhanced through technology) and our education data work have multiple intersections with education technology.