State Education Standard on Deeper Learning

link  NASBE has devoted a full issue of its journal, the State Education Standard, to articles that explore a range of topics around deeper learning, including the need for systemic changes for deeper learning, assessments for deeper learning, “on the ground” descriptions of schools implementing deeper learning, and the findings and recommendations of NASBE’s 2013 Study Group on Deeper Learning.

Online Seminars  on Deeper Learning

linkIn order to provide members with a more in depth understanding of deeper learning, NASBE will hold a yearly online seminar.  NASBE online seminars enable members to learn a skill related to key education policy areas; they also allow for more interactivity than our webinars.  Online seminar topics on deeper learning may include quality practice on crafting deeper learning assessments, facilitating deeper learning experiences through project-based learning, the work of professional learning communities, or other areas of member interest.

Publications on Deeper Learning

linkOver the course of the next three years, NASBE will publish key resources to aid interested state board members to think through intelligent, effective policy around deeper learning. These publications will include a:

  • Discussion Guide-a review of the research and literature followed by a framework of questions to consider in thinking through the many dimensions of an issue;
  • Policy Update-a brief document that provides policy background and key considerations around a given issue;
  • State Innovation-a brief case study that describes one or more states’ efforts in crafting policy around a given issue; and a
  • Communications Toolkit-an interactive resource on communicating issues to the public and other stakeholders.

This work will enable state board members to share challenges, opportunities, and best practices in crafting and communicating policies that support college, career and civic ready experiences for all students.

Stipends and In-State Policy Workshops

linkState boards play an essential role in communicating the importance of a policy area, considering the many angles of that area given unique state conditions, and convening stakeholders to translate a policy idea into reality.  With this in mind, NASBE will provide six state boards stipends of up to $4,000 each to increase a state board’s internal capacity in human capital, time, and/or finances in order to address deeper learning in the context of college, career and civic readiness.  Three states will be provided small stipends in year two of the project and an additional three states, in the third.  These stipends will be accompanied by in-state policy workshops facilitated by NASBE staff to assist state boards in considering the different dimensions of deeper learning.

Webinars on Deeper Learning

linkCreating a system that supports deeper learning is a multi-faceted endeavor that involves thoughtful consideration of issues such as assessments, accountability, time flexibility, curricula, funding, and teacher preparation.  To help members attain a more comprehensive understanding of these and other issues, NASBE will hold three to four webinars over the next three years on a variety of topics related to deeper learning. Each webinar will draw perspectives from leading state and national experts on a particular topic and identify best practices across the country in providing students a college, career, and civic ready education.