For over 34 years, NASBE’s Center for Safe and Healthy Schools has provided over 50 publications and extensive policy information, technical assistance, training, and other programming to engage state education and health policymakers in providing healthy and safe environments and promoting student health.

NASBE supports State Boards of Education in this area because the evidence is compelling that good health is strongly associated with student achievement and academic success in school. The three overarching healthy school policy areas that State Boards of Education influence are identified below. Visit the NASBE State School Health Policy Database for a sampling of state policies across all of these areas.

  1. Policies that govern health related student services including: School Health Services, School Counseling and Mental Health Services, and School Nutrition Services;
  2. Policies that enable Healthy, Safe, and Supportive School Environments (i.e., Health Promotion and Wellness; Alcohol, Tobacco, and Substance Abuse; School Climate, Violence, and Safety; Environmental Toxins and Allergens); and
  3. Health and Physical Education Learning Standards.

In addition to our database, NASBE periodically engages in funded health projects with state boards of education and develops policy updates, reports, and informational webinars on emerging school health issues. All of NASBE’s health related publications are available through the NASBE Publications page. In addition, our project sites below contain links to additional topical information, publications, and archived webinars.

Current Projects: