NASBE and CDC Renew Joint Efforts to Enhance School Health and Education Policy

Arlington, VA — The National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced they will continue their 25-year partnership in working toward effective health policy and education for American schools. The CDC awarded NASBE two five-year project grants of more than $1.4 million each to continue its work to promote healthy eating/nutrition education policies and developing sound policies for HIV/STD/Teen Pregnancy education.

NASBE works with state boards of education to help identify and address policy needs that will increase awareness of student health issues. Through grants and technical assistance, NASBE health policy experts help states develop and implement policies to aid schools.

“NASBE has long understood that children achieve greater success in school and in life when they are healthy,” said NASBE Executive Director Brenda Welburn. “Our partnership with the CDC stresses the vital need for a comprehensive approach to student wellness, from policy to the classroom, in ways to positively affect students’ lives every day.”

The grant to continue NASBE’s decades-long work in healthy eating and school nutrition is geared toward helping states adopt, strengthen, and implement nutrition and school health policies and evidence-based programs or promising practices that lead to healthier students. NASBE member states will have the opportunity to apply for grants to fund development of policies that address nutrition, as well as direct assistance in the development and implementation of those policies.

The CDC partnership also enables NASBE to reach out to partners and government agencies in the dissemination of the latest student health research, best practices, and publications to state boards of education, as well as specialists in state departments of education and health who implement school health policy.

NASBE’s HIV/STD/Teen Pregnancy project will continue to assist states in developing, adopting, and enhancing education policies that help districts and schools provide students with the knowledge they need to make smart reproductive-health decisions. During the five-year grant period, NASBE will work closely with health and education officials in eight states with high rates of either HIV infection or AIDS diagnoses and high rates of two additional health outcomes to be identified by the CDC.

This close association will include two-year grants to support work in the states that leads to concrete policy development and/or revision of sexual health promotion policies.

For more about NASBE’s health education policy projects, visit the Center for Safe and Healthy Schools.