For Immediate Release: September 20, 2016
Contact: Renee Rybak Lang,, 703-740-4841

Alexandria, VA — Kristen Amundson, executive director of NASBE, has issued this statement in response to a recent USA Today story about the organization’s relationship with Mylan Specialty.

“NASBE serves as an unbiased source of information for its members, producing evidence-based, timely information on education’s most pressing issues. The organization adheres to three standards when considering new or ongoing funding relationships:

  • Contributions will advance the important work of state boards of education and strengthen state leadership in education policymaking.
  • NASBE maintains editorial control over all its published work.
  • NASBE is transparent about its sources of funding.

We stand by the validity and usefulness of the work NASBE has done around epinephrine. Following passage of federal legislation encouraging states to require schools to stock epinephrine, legislatures in over a dozen states passed laws in 2012-13 governing epinephrine and anaphylaxis response. NASBE recognized the important role state boards of education would play and stepped in to help them set policies that would ensure students’ health and safety.”

Amundson started her tenure at NASBE in 2013 and made transparency a priority. The membership has since made changes to the organization’s bylaws, incorporating a conflict of interest policy in 2015 at its annual business meeting.

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