How does the NGSS reinforce the Common Core State Standards?Reinforce Students

Reinforcing the connections of science to literacy and mathematics, the NGSS has identified direct connections with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in English Language Arts (ELA) and Math. You can find the alignment listed in the boxes at the bottom of each standard (figure 1). These are called Connection boxes.

Students in science should be writing, using language and mathematics. An example of a high school classroom demonstrating how integrated learning can be done is shown in this video.


Chart 1: Connection Boxes for Middle School Physical Science Standard

This connections box has two lists. One is for ELA/Literacy and another is for Mathematics. The codes are from the CCSS. For example, in the above chart for ELA/Literacy, WHST.6-8.1, “students write arguments on discipline-specific content” strongly aligns with the NGSS.

There are also two other connection boxes that show links to other areas of science; one is for science topics at same grade level, and another is for science topics at other grade levels.  The design of this feature is to illustrate that science is connected to other disciplines and students will use many skills when doing science.

What does a complete NGSS standard look like? Every NGSS standard is made up of seven boxes with information related to that standard.

What other communication resources could be available for my state? There are several initiatives  designed to support teachers with the implementation of the NGSS.

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