We’d like to welcome each of you to NASBE’s Next Generation Science Standards Communication training units.

Last year NASBE surveyed members to learn what their immediate capacity-building needs were… the answer was “communications.”

These units are designed to help you understand the fundamentals of effective communication that will assist you in working with constituents on the Science Standards issue, but more importantly, these are life skills that will help you in every aspect of your job as a state board member. Whether you are brand new or a veteran, appointed or elected, these lessons will help you more effectively communicate your point of view, and persuade successfully.

Each unit will last about 10 minutes. After the presentation you will be asked a series of questions that you answer online. Your responses will be emailed to you for later reference in case you need to develop a communication plan for this issue. Please “log in” (or sign up) to access the workbook and refer back to your notes and answers at any time.