Regional Meetings

NASBE regional meetings bring together state board members from neighboring states to discuss issues of national and regional importance, and share best practices.

Stakeholder Engagement Regional Meetings

NASBE is committed to supporting state boards of education in their efforts to engage stakeholders in meaningful and authentic discussion about advancing equity under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Simply complying with the law isn’t enough: Broad, inclusive, and ongoing stakeholder engagement is essential for developing strong ESSA plans.

NASBE is hosting three regional meetings to help states create strategies focused on building and sustaining engagement throughout ESSA implementation and beyond, while maintaining a commitment to equity. We invite you to attend a regional meeting, along with a team of up to five stakeholders from your state. State board members are encouraged to bring their partners in this work, both those in state government and critical stakeholders from the public or advocacy organizations.  NASBE will be supporting travel for member states boards of education to bring a team of up to five people (airfare/travel expenses of up to $500/person).  At the meeting, state teams will:

  • Learn and discuss successes and limitations to  state stakeholder engagement strategies;
  • Develop long-term action plans to sustain engagement during ESSA implementation and ensure feedback informs critical implementation milestones;
  • Explore resources and materials developed by national partners to support stakeholder engagement; and
  • Brainstorm ways to track and measure the success of engagement efforts.

The three regional meetings will be held on December 6, 2016, in Washington, D.C.; January 17, 2017, in Atlanta, Ga.; and February 2, 2017, in Denver, Colo.

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For more information about these meetings, contact NASBE’s Robert Hull or Abigail Potts.

Stakeholder Engagement Regional Meetings

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