Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

Below are reading suggestions to help conference attendees prepare for some of the sessions that make up this year’s Annual Conference on Evidence-Based Policymaking and Innovation.

On the Common Core State Standards

The new State Education Standard, which covers almost everything you wanted to know about the Common Core but were afraid – or didn’t know to ask: “Implementing the Common Core.”

More of NASBE‘s work on the standards may be found on the NASBE website Common Core project page.

David Coleman contributed to the publishers’ criteria and also the article in our standard. You can find the publisher’s criteria at the bottom of this page.


On Assessments

Dr. Pascal Forgione‘s comprehensive report on the array of assessment consortia working to create exams aligned to the Common Core, Coming Together to Raise Achievement, can be downloaded by following the link. Hardcopies will also be available at the conference.


On School Leadership

NASBE has published several policy updates and a discussion guide for boards, all of which can be found on the School Leadership project page.

Kyla Wahlstrom was an author of  Learning from Leadership: Investigating the Links to Improved Student Learning. The complete, and the executive summary may be downloaded at this site.

Laura Hamilton was lead author of Improving School Leadership Through Support, Evaluation, and Incentives: The Pittsburgh Principal Incentive Program, which examined a leadership training and assessment program in Pittsburgh, PA. The complete report and a summary may be downloaded here.


On Student Health

The Centers for Disease Control recently published “Heads up to Schools: Know Your Concussion ABC’s” to help school personnel recognize and deal with head injuries.

Dr. Ruchi Gupta was the lead author of “The Prevalence, Severity, and Distribution of Childhood Food Allergy in the United States,” which appeared in the July 2011 issue of Pediatrics. The research concluded the prevalence of food allergies is are greater than what has been reported.

Lisa Sharma Creighton is a regular contributor to the National Education Association Health Information Network blog about nutrition issues.

NASBE Project Director Whitney Meagher discussed childhood obesity, school food and nutrition, and physical activity policies on Education Talk Radio in May.

NASBE has also published extensively about childhood obesity and school nutrition, including a policy update about the new federal school food standards. The USDA put out a press release with links to the policy, as well.


On Summer Learning

NASBE’s Summer Learning Initiative web page includes a series of policy updates and a discussion guide for boards looking into policies to create such programs.

Catherine Augustine was an author of Making Summer Count: How Summer Programs Can Boost Children’s Learning, which includes recommendations for providers and policymakers that address ways to mitigate barriers by capitalizing on a range of funding sources, engaging in long-term planning to ensure adequate attendance and hiring, and demonstrating positive student outcomes.

A variety of resources and information may also be accessed on the Summer Learning Association web site.


On Digital Learning

The description of this year’s study group on Education Technology, as well as the executive summary of the study group report and a draft of the full report, is available  is available on the study group web page.

Much of what will be discussed can be referenced via the Digital Learning Now! web site.

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