2012 State Elections - Candidates and Results

2012 State Elections – Candidates and Results

Below is a state-by-state list of candidates for governor, chief state school officer, and state boards of education, and their party affiliations. (* Denotes incumbent) (Results unofficial in most locations as of Thursday morning).

Information about and results of state ballot measures may be found here.


State Board of Education
District 1
Tracy Roberts (R) 
Herndon Inge III (D)
District 3
Stephanie Bell (R)* (unopposed) 
District 5
Ella Bell (D)* (unopposed) 
District 7
Jeff Newman (R) (unopposed) 


State Board of Education
District 2
Angelika Schroeder (D)* 
Ann Fattor (R)
David G. Cottrell (L)
District 4
Pamela P. Mazanec (R) 
Steven Ray Dellinger (L)


Jack Markell (D)* 
Jeffrey E. Cragg (R)

District of Columbia

State Board of Education
Mary Lord 
Marvin Tucker
Ward 2
Jack Jacobson (unopposed) 
Ward 4
D. Kamili Anderson* (unopposed) 
Ward 7
Robert Matthews
Karen Williams 
Villareal “VJ” Johnson
Dorothy Douglas*
Ward 8
Trayon “Tray” White* 
Philip Pannell


Michael R. Pence (R) 
John R. Gregg (D)
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Tony Bennett (R)*
Glenda Ritz (D) 


State Board of Education
District 2
Steve Roberts(R)
Cindy Neighbor (D)
District 4
Jack Wu (R)
Carolyn Wims-Campbell (D)*
District 6
Deena Horst (R)
Carol Viar (D)
District 8
Kathy Busch (unopposed) 


State Board of Education (2 seats, 8 years)
Todd A. Courser (R)
Melanie A. Kurdys (R)
Michelle Fecteau (D)
Lupe Ramos-Montigny (D)
Andy LeCureaux (L)
Karen Adams (US Taxpayers)
Gail M. Graeser (US Taxpayers)
Candace R. Caveny (G)
Dwain Reynolds III (G)


Jay Nixon (D)* 
Dave Spence (R)


State Board of Education
District 1
 Lillie Larsen
Bob van Valkenberg
District 2
Mark Quandahl* (unopposed)
District 3
Tom Schommer
Rachel Wise
District 4
Rebecca Valdez* (unopposed)


State Board of Education
District 1
Alexis Gonzalez-Black 
Forrest Darby
District 2
Dave Cook 
Donna Clontz
District 3
Allison Serafin 
Ed Klapproth

New Hampshire

Ovide Lamontagne (R)
Maggie Hassan (D) 

New Mexico

Public Education Commission
District 3
Carmie Lynn Toulouse (D) 
Vanessa Leigh Gutierrez (D – write in)
District 5
James F. Conyers (D) (unopposed) 
District 8
Vince N. Bergman (R)* (unopposed) 
District 9
Carolyn Kennedy Shearman (D)* (unopposed) 
District 10
Jeff Carr (D)* (unopposed) 

North Carolina

Walter Dalton (D)
Pat McCrory (R) 
Lt. Gov (serves on board)
Linda Coleman (D)
Dan Forrest (R) 
Treasurer (serves on board):
Janet Cowell (D)* 
Steve Royal (R)
State Superintendent
June Atkinson (D)* 
John Tedesco (R)

North Dakota

Jack Dalrymple (R)* 
Ryan Taylor (D)
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Kirsten Baesler
Tracy Potter


State Board of Education
District 1
Stanley Robinson
Ann Jacobs* 
District 5
Marianne Gasiecki
Rich Javorek
Bryan C. Williams 
District 6
Michael L. Collins 
Kristen McKinley*
John P. Stacy
District 7
James J. Collum
Sarah Fowler 
John R. Sans
District 9
Stephanie Dodd 
Philip Gerth
Larry A. Good
District 10
Todd Book
Jeff Hardin* 
District 11
Beverly A. Goldstein
Mary Rose Oakar* 

Puerto Rico

Luis Fortuño (R/New Progressive Party)*
Alejandro García Padilla (Popular Democratic Party)


State Board of Education
District 1
Carlos “Charlie” Garza (R)*
Martha M. Dominguéz (D) 
District 2
Laurie J. Turner (R)
Ruben Cortez, Jr. (D) 
Lenard Nelson (L)
District 3
David M. Williams (R)
Marisa B. Perez (D) 
District 4
Dorothy Olmos (R)
Lawrence Allen, Jr. (D)* 
District 5
Ken Mercer (R)* 
Rebecca Bell Metereau (D)
Mark Loewe (L)
Irene Meyer Scharf (G)
District 6
Donna Bahorich (R) 
Traci Jensen (D)
Gene Clark (L)
GC Molison (G)
District 7
David Bradley (R)* 
Matthew Petre (L)
District 8
Barbara Cargill (R)* 
Dexter Smith (D)
District 9
Thomas Ratliff (R)* 
Sherri L. Little (L)
District 10
Tom Maynard (R) 
Judy Jennings (D)
District 11
Patricia “Pat” Hardy (R)* 
Jason Darr (L)
District 12
Geraldine “Tincy” Miller (R) 
Lois Parrott (D)
District 13
S.T. Russell (R)
Mavis Best Knight (D)* 
District 14
Sue Melton (R) 
Stephen Hawkins (L)
District 15
Marty Rowley (R) 
Steven D. Schafersman (D)


Gary Herbert (R)* 
Peter Cooke (D)
Kirk Pearson (C)
Ken Larsen (L)
State Board of Education
District 1
Alan Shakespear
Tami Pyfer* 
District 4
David Thomas* 
Bruce Davis
District 7
Leslie Brooks Castle* 
Carlton A. Getz
District 8
Chris Williams
Jennifer Johnson 
District 10
Dave Crandall*
Nina Marie Welker
District 11
Sergio Vasquez
Jefferson Moss 
District 12
Wendy Simmerman
Dixie Allen* 
District 13
Ken Parkinson
C. Mark Openshaw* 
District 15
Barbara Corry 
Bette Oveson Arial


Randy Brock (R)
Peter Shumlin (D)* 


Rob McKenna (R)
Jay Inslee (D) 
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Randy Dorn* (unopposed) 

West Virginia

Jesse Johnson (Mountain)
Bill Maloney (R)
David Moran (L)
Earl Ray Tomblin (D)*

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