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Our new blog series, On the Road, primarily authored by Executive Director Kristen Amundson as she reflects on her visits with state boards of education and education thought leaders across the country. The blogs will appear on the NASBE web site periodically, and they will also feature the occasional guest writer.

On the Road #3 – The Plan (Arizona) According to the laws of Arizona, the state board of education is directed to “Determine the policy and work undertaken by it.” In other words, as a body whose existence is spelled out in the state’s constitution, the board has both the opportunity and the responsibility for […]

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On the Road to the New State Board Member Institute I had no idea my first slide was going to turn out to be a laugh line. Let me explain: When you give a lot of speeches, you pretty much know when people are going to laugh. So as I prepared my presentation to board […]

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On the Road 1 – Sitting at the board table in Rhode Island It has been a few years since I sat at a board table. So I was thrilled when Eva-Marie Mancuso, who chairs the Rhode Island Board of Education, extended me that courtesy at their regular July meeting on July 15, which also […]

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