The Journal’s Dian Schaffhauser writes about NASBE’s Education Leaders Report, “Policymaking on Education Data Privacy: Lessons Learned.”

From Dian Schaffhauser’s story:

Last year 187 bills in 48 states were introduced that touch on some aspect of student data privacy, up from 110 in the previous year; 34 states have passed new laws on student data privacy; and the United States Congress has seven bills under consideration related to the topic. Simultaneously, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) calls for states to use “evidence-based interventions” in order to improve school performance. That evidence is generated through education research, which in turn requires access to student data. What’s a state to do?

Report author Amelia Vance, NASBE’s director of education data and technology, has been immersed in the subject for two years, providing technical assistance to policymakers in five states, holding meetings attended by representatives from over 30 states, publishing analyses on student data privacy, and speaking with “nearly every state education agency” on the topic, as well as compiling every state law, policy and regulation that deals with education data privacy.

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