The Oklahoman cites NASBE’s Kristen Amundson in a recent editorial on common core legislation. Read an excerpt below.

“…House Bill 3399, the Legislature’s effort to toss Common Core and replace it with other standards, has drawn the attention of the National Association of State Boards of Education. Although Oklahoma isn’t a part of the group, its executive director sent a letter to Gov. Mary Fallin urging her to give the bill a close look. Kristen Amundson says the state constitution specifies that supervision of public school instruction is the duty of the state Board of Education. The constitution also dictates which state officials are ex-officio members of the board, and ‘the members of the state Legislature are not included in this list.’ Amundson says that by mandating legislative review of decisions made by the board under the Administrative Procedures Act, the Legislature has established itself as ‘a super board.’ The Legislature plays an important role in education – approving the common ed budget is one example – but ‘this provision moves legislative involvement with education policy well beyond those levels.’ Fallin should take Amundson’s concerns to heart….”

Read the full editorial here.