NASBE Executive Director Kristen Amundson is quoted in Center For Digital Education on the the Obama administration’s new student data privacy proposal.

From Tanya Roscorla’s article:

“…After Obama’s speech, leaders in several organizations said they were pleased to see California’s main student data privacy law held up as a model for the nation. California created a comprehensive piece of legislation that garnered support from policymakers, businesses and parents, and seems to be a model, said Kristen Amundson, executive director of the┬áNational Association of State Boards of Education.

‘States are really the laboratories of the democracy,’ said Amundson, a former Virginia state legislator for 20 years.

Policies should be tested in each state where they can be refined, rather than be established in Congress where there’s no opportunity to tweak legislation the next year as holes are discovered, she said. The association would like to see the White House set overarching best practices for student privacy and leave the detailed policy measures to the states. …”

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