NASBE Director of Education Data and Technology Amelia Vance discusses the prospects of new federal legislation on student data privacy with FedScoop’s Corinne Letsch.

From Letsch’s article:

“…Amelia Vance, director of education data and technology for the National Association of State Boards of Education, said the basic framework of the bill — strengthening safeguards around student data — sufficiently addresses parents’ and students’ concerns. And, she said, compiling information can also be used for good.

 “I think there’s an overreaction that could cause this bill to become too specific,” Vance told FedScoop.

“Data should be used to further students’ success,” she said, adding that politicians shouldn’t be pressured to take out provisions that “could help with that, such as using educational research to figure out the best way to teach an autistic student, or the best way for students to learn reading.”

“While there are privacy and security concerns, the value of that data is still so vital that we don’t want the bill to go overboard,” Vance said.”

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