Education Week’s Daarel Burnette II writes about the NASBE Legislative Conference and the new Policy Update, “Take It Off the Consent Agenda: Nine Questions State Boards of Education Should Ask about State Assessment Systems.”

From Daarel Burnette II’s story:

The work of coming up with accountability plans under the Every Student Succeeds Act took center stage as the National Association of State Boards of Education held its annual legislative conference this week, with workshops and a conversation about ESSA with the U.S. Secretary of Education. State boards are being squeezed by state legislatures, departments of education, and local school districts as authority over key aspects of policy devolves from federal to state authority.

As part of the conference, NASBE released a paper that reasserts state boards’ policy role and gives guidance on the questions board members should ask themselves, their departments, and educators across their states. “State legislatures have a very important job, and our job is to make sure they swim in their own lane,” NASBE Executive Director Kristen Amundson said during a session on boards reasserting their power…

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