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The State Education Standard is NASBEā€™s education policy journal. Each issue covers a different topic and includes feature articles written by outstanding policy analysts, researchers, administrators, and practitioners in the field. The Standard also has a variety of regular departments that cover such areas as the art of policy development, legal issues, the view from Washington, DC, and the latest in state policy innovations and state policy actions.

NASBE reports are highly respected throughout the education community for their thoughtful, well-written presentation of hot topics and cutting-edge issues including early childhood education, teaching reform, health and HIV education, schools and violence, multiculturalism, math and science education, special education, education finance, and urban education. NASBE members automatically receive a copy of each report when it is released.

Seven or eight times a year, members receive a mailing containing a range of highly relevant and up-to-date information including Policy Updates, Legislative Briefs, Issue Briefs, State Improvement Initiatives, Legal Briefs, Special Reports, and other Member Services and Resources. A NASBE Resource Binder is available to help members organize all of the information they receive for quick and easy access.

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