Arlington, Va. — The National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE) awarded grants to seven state boards of education to develop and implement policies to improve school nutrition. Connecticut, Ohio, and West Virginia will each receive $15,000 over three-years, while Arkansas, Kentucky, Michigan, and North Carolina will each receive $6,000, two-year awards to continue work in this area.

Grants for the first group of states are intended to provide an intense level of NASBE technical assistance to help their respective state boards of education develop, strengthen, and implement nutrition policies. Connecticut plans to apply its award to help build district capacity to implement health policies. Ohio will create a model state wellness policy and work with districts to strengthen physical activity policies. West Virginia will create a yearly food service program assessment and train principals and county food service directors to complete it.

The second group of states, already funded by NASBE grants, will receive help with ensuring their health committees and other activities can be sustained. In addition, Arkansas plans to increase the number of breakfast-in-the-classroom programs and North Carolina will consider requiring student representatives on local School Health Advisory Councils. Kentucky will continue its work on enhancing the state’s process of evaluating schools’ compliance with school health initiatives and Michigan will continue to revise its policy on Quality Physical Education.

“Research tells us that good health helps students succeed academically,” said NASBE Executive Director Jim Kohlmoos. “Working with state boards to develop policies that encourage advances in the health and wellness of every student is one of NASBE’s core missions. The benefits of providing students at all levels with the knowledge and tools they need to lead healthier lives impact not only academics, but reach far beyond school walls.”

NASBE’S Obesity Prevention Project and the state grants are funded through a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Grants are awarded on a competitive basis, and all applications were reviewed by an outside review panel.


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