Check out NASBE’s App for Android on Google Play! Download HERE.

We have recently (05.23.2012) updated the NASBE Mobile App and optimized it to be more user-friendly and allow for a better reading experience on your android mobile device.

Find out more information by visiting the app page on Google Play! or by reading the .PDF Overview of NASBE’s app.

Are you always on the move but want to keep up with what’s going on at NASBE? No worries… ‘NASBE Now’ will allow you to use your Android mobile device to keep up with the most recent posts and topics from NASBE’s website and Twitter account (@NASBE).


Scan this QR code with your Android device to view more information about the NASBE App:



Below is a screenshot of the list view of the post screen:

Read and Unread icons allow readers to quickly identify new unread posts.

Here is a screenshot of the post screen:

The new, improved post view has been updated to be more clear and optimized for mobile viewing.