Weaver Rogers Policy Institute

Weaver Rogers Policy Institute

To commemorate the life and work of Weaver B. Rogers, Jr., NASBE’s Board of Directors established the Weaver Rogers Policy Institute to inaugurate its Campaign for Excellence.  When fully endowed, the Weaver Rogers Policy Institute will continue Weaver’s work in perpetuity by fully supporting one study group every year.  The study group will examine a topic of critical importance to state, federal, and local education leaders.  The Weaver Rogers Policy Institute will enable state board members to hear from experts in the field, examine recent research findings, and review case studies of best practices in the field.  After a year of intense study and discussion, the group will develop a report with specific policy recommendations that can guide state boards of education and other interested policymakers.

All contributions will go to NASBE’s endowment and are tax deductible.

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